Flatbed cutting

Flatbed cutter is designed and dedicated to cut i crease all soft materials.
The cutter uses an imbeded camera which recognises markers and moves the tool head along.
High precision and accuracy of the machine is necessary to cut even very complicated and
complex job in short and long series. It is a versatile cutter for producing prototypes, packages,
wobblers, hangers, stands, toppers, boxes, signs..


Working table is 320 cm x 205 cm and maximum thickness of the materials is 40 mm.
Here are some materials to be cut out: paper, cardboard, currugated cardboard, PVC,
laminates, foam-x, kapa, covers, rubber, reflective vinyls, printed graphics, textile, fabrics, HIPS, S-Print,
PET, magnetic materials and much more....


Production of a car key

Preparing the file for printing UV printing Preparing the file for cutting Cutting Ready!